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  • Feline Behaviour: A Guide for Veterinarians

    Bonnie V. Beaver

    One-of-a-kind text takes a comprehensive look at all aspects of feline behaviour - from the history that shaped the original behaviour to its changing roles for humans. Written by a veterinarian for veterinarians, this book gives readers a wealth of information on recent findings on cat behaviour, today's treatment options, plus ways veterinarians can deal with feline behaviour problems ... pertinent information rarely found in a single source. Dozens of case studies document treatment strategies for specific behaviour problems.
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  • ISFM Guide: Feline Stress and Health: Managing Negative Emotions to Improve Feline Health and Wellbeing

     A comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the welfare of domestic cats in the western world.
    This straightforward, evidence-based, informative book sets out clear definitions for stress and distress, and their implications. Detailed yet concise chapters identify the causes of distress within the home, veterinary surgery and rehoming centre. Simple and effective measures for preventing, reducing and eliminating the causes of poor welfare, as well as ways to provide welfare enhancing, positive emotional experiences are ably demonstrated.
    Co-edited by Dr Sarah Ellis, who is an academic member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, with contributions from further APBC members; Daniel Mills and Vicky Halls, plus clear photographs and diagrams make this guide book a ‘must read’ for veterinary, behaviour and welfare students and professionals who are serious about cat care in the 21st Century. 

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  • Practical Canine Behaviour for Veterinary Nurses and Technicians

    Stephanie Hedges

    There have been ground breaking advances in our understanding of canine behaviour in recent years. Traditional theories based on the premise that all dog behaviour was driven by a desire to be ‘pack leader’ have made way for a new and fascinating insight into the subtleties and complexities of canine communication, social behaviour and emotional drives.
    Keeping abreast of such developments is becoming increasingly essential for veterinary nurses and technicians, both to fulfil client expectations and to protect canine welfare. Yet current training worldwide typically offers little teaching in this area.
    In this book Stephanie Hedges draws on over 20 years as a practicing veterinary nurse and her specialist knowledge as a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) to provide a quick reference and practically relevant canine behaviour resource to meet the specific needs of the general practice nurse or technician.
    Contents include: -
    · An introduction to the drives for, management and modification of canine behaviour
    · New approaches to handling and interaction to improve safety, efficiency and patient welfare
    · Essential advice for puppy owners and key aspects of running safe in house puppy socialisation classes
    · How to manage the behavioural impact of illness and life changes, and address fear of fireworks and visiting the practice
    · Client fact sheets and behaviour assessment questionnaire
    · Flow charts for when and where to refer dogs showing problem behaviour       
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  • Stress and Pheromonotherapy in small Animal Clinical Behaviour

    Daniel Mills, Maya Braem Dube and Helen Zulch

    This book explains how stress impacts on animal behaviour and welfare and what we can do about it, especially by using chemical signals more effectively.  This readily accessible text starts from first principles and is useful to both academics and practitioners alike.  It offers a framework for understanding how pheromonotherapy can be used to encourage desirable behaviour in dogs and cats and also a fresh approach to understanding the nature of clinical animal behaviour problems.  Suitable for veterinarians in small animal practice, students of clinical animal behaviour, veterinary nurses and technicians, as well as specialists and researchers in animal behaviour therapy.
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