APBC Highlights Concerns Over Rabbit "Whisperer"

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Contrary to recent reports, trancing rabbits is unacceptable. The APBC has joined with national and international behaviour and welfare organisations in condemning one of the techniques used by Cliff Penrose, described as a “rabbit whisperer”.

APBC Chair, David Ryan, warns of the dangers of yet more “whispering”, stating “I am dismayed and disappointed that yet again so called “whisperers” are able to portray outmoded and dangerous methods of interacting with animals as being welfare friendly.”

Trancing rabbits is more correctly known as Tonic Immobility and far from being a relaxed, “hypnotic” trance, research shows that the rabbit is in a state of profound fear, with elevated stress hormones that can have serious consequences for long term health.*

Veterinary text books and rabbit welfare organisations warn against its use except as an alternative to anaesthetic in specific circumstances. Trancing should never be performed for fun or in the mistaken belief that the rabbit enjoys it.

*McBride et al (2007) ‘Hypnosis: A State of Fear or Pleasure?’ CABTSG Study Day Proceedings 2007(38-40).

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Release date: 15 April 2010

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