Behaviour Essentials for the Veterinary Team

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Kettering Conference Centre, Kettering, NN15 6PB
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Open to Everyone

Behaviour Essentials for the Veterinary Team: a case-based approach to addressing common problem behaviours in dogs and cats
This day is aimed at vets and nurses working in general practice, as well as anyone with a particular interest in behaviour. Using real case studies we will explore some of the common behaviour problems encountered in veterinary practice including separation-related distress, noise fears and pain-related fearfulness in dogs, human directed aggression and inappropriate urination in cats. Each case will be discussed in detail, including potential differential diagnoses and alternative treatment options to give an in-depth understanding of each problem behaviour. We will also explore the important roles of the veterinary team and behaviourist in supporting owners and pets with behaviour problems. Audience interaction is strongly encouraged.
Speakers will include Trudi Atkinson RVN, Ingrid Haskal, Tanya Jeffery, Tamsin Durston RVN, Emma Brown MRCVS and Laura Vico MRCVS
Trudi Atkinson DipAS (CABC), VN, CCAB 
Feline House Soiling - It's not only about the tray!
Using case histories this talk will explore the numerous different cases of feline house soiling; how we can correctly identify the cuase (or causes) and how we can best help the cat and cat owner.
Trudi qualified as a veterinary nurse in 1986 and after working for 17 years in mixed general practice, went on to study companion animal behaviour at the university of Southampton and became a full member of the APBC in 1999. She is also a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist and a Certified Cat Behaviour consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).
Although having previously worked with both dogs and cats, feline behaviour and welfare has always been her primary area of interest and is now her sole focus. Trudi runs a feline behaviour referral practice covering the South West of England and has presented talks and contributed written articles and book chapters for various organisations including BSAVA, BVNA, as well as the APBC. Trudi is also the author of Practical Feline Behaviour – Understanding Cat Behaviour and Improving Welfare.
Ingrid Haskal - PGDip (CABC), CAB (ABTC) Full Member APBC, CSAT
Home Alone! What is 'separation anxiety' and how do we help owners resolve this behaviour disorder?
Separation related issues do not always include anxiety but in this presentation we will look at anxious behaviour presented by a dog when left alone at home commonly known as 'separation anxiety'. This disorder in dogs is a lot more common than most people think and studies have shown that we could be looking at between 40% - 80% of the pet dog population showing some signs of adverse reactions to being alone. It is also a disorder that impacts greatly on the owners, not only restricting lifestyle because the dog cannot be left alone but often affecting the owner's relationship with neighbours due to constant barking and howling and sometimes imposing a financial burden on the family if destruction is one of the behaviours exhibited by the dog. This presentation will look at the differentials which can help determine whether or not a dog is suffering with anxiety when alone; what is commonly thought to cause the disorder; what behavioural signs can also help determine diagnosis and how behaviourists and veterinary practitioners can help owners and their dogs restore balance into their lives and bring relief from this devastating condition.
Ingrid qualified in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from the University of Southampton finally realising her ambition to help owners and their pets resolve behaviour issues and regain trust and harmony in their lives. She is also a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and a Registered Clinical Behaviourist with The Animal Behaviour and Training Council. During her work with dogs she became interested in separation related issues and after lengthy study in this particular area qualified as a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer with Malena DeMartini Inc, an organisation in the USA that specialises in separation. This is a field of work that Ingrid is passionate about not only because it directly affects so many owners and their dogs so profoundly, but also because of the close special working relationship that the trainer is able to build with the owner in a way which is fairly unique in the field of behaviour modification.
Tamsin Durston RVN and Laura Vico MRCVS
The Curious Case of the Dog in the Bedroom
What advice would you give to an owner who contacts the practice to report that their dog went into the bedroom happy as usual, but came out absolutely terrified, yet everything in the room remained completely normal? An examination into the cause and treatment of acute panic in an adult dog. The presentation will analyse this real case in progressive steps, allowing delegates to participate in professional discussion at every stage of development and explore treatment options for both medical and behavioural elements. As well as investigating causes and treatment options, discussion will also include an empathetic explore the emotional perspective of both owner and dog.
Tamsin is a Qualified, Registered Veterinary Nurse and have been working in small animal practice for 18 years. For the past 13 years she has worked for animal welfare charity Blue Cross in the role of Nurse Manager of Blue Cross Animal Hospital, Merton, South London. As well as nursing Tamsin also provides behavioural advice and support to Blue Cross clients. Having gained an FdSc in Animal Management: Training and Behaviour Counselling, Tamsin completed a BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training and is especially interested in applying behavioural knowledge within the veterinary environment in order to improve and optimise the experience of animals within our care. Tamsin also volunteers within her local community to help dog owners with training, again using behavioural understanding to improve the human-animal bond and teaching life skills to enable the partnerships to live happy, healthy lives together.
Laura Vico is the senior veterinary surgeon at Blue Cross Merton Animal Hospital and has 14 years’ experience in the veterinary field. After graduating from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in 2004, Laura spent a year in Canada and the USA gaining experience in zoo medicine and small animal practice. Laura decided to pursue a career in charity practice and moved to the UK in 2005 for this purpose; becoming a permanent veterinary surgeon for Blue Cross Animal Welfare Charity in 2007. Laura holds a special interest in focusing the conversation between pet owners and veterinary professionals around quality of life, believing that chronic pain and behavioural changes are often overlooked during the veterinary consultation. Laura has promoted the use of PetWise MOTs within Blue Cross in order to give clients an opportunity to discuss their pet’s welfare needs.
Emma Brown BVSC PG Dip MRCVS 
Owner Directed Feline Aggression - A case study
Emma will work through a case of sudden onset of owner directed aggression in an adult female Siamese cat. Each stage of the investigation, diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed with lots of opportunity for audience participation. 
Emma qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon in 2001. She spent 15 years in mixed practice before moving to small animal practice in 2016. Based at the Bodmin branch of the Kernow Veterinary Group, Emma is an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Companion Animal Behaviour, a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Councillors (APBC) and an Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) Registered Veterinary Behaviourist. She takes Canine and Feline Behaviour cases on Veterinary Referral from around the South West.
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