Mark Evans

Mark is a familiar face on TV and is well known for his work on dog-related TV programmes, including the Channel 4 series, Pet Rescue, BBC1’s Barking Mad, and Pedigree Dogs Exposed. His latest project, Dogs: Their Secret Lives, aired on channel 4 earlier this year and revealed the challenges that the modern day pet dog faces in the 21st century. 
“I’m extremely honoured to be the APBC’s first patron. I have a holistic interest in animal welfare and the quality of life that animals enjoy is determined by both their physical health and their mental wellbeing – the two are inextricably linked. I think it is incredibly important that the worlds of animal behaviour counselling and veterinary science work together and that owners have easy access to appropriately qualified and experienced animal behaviour counsellors whose work is underpinned not just by experience and common sense, but also by science. Amazingly, the field of companion animal behaviour counselling remains unregulated, formally. But, over the last 25 years, the APBC has created a trusted network of practical behaviour experts that work to a strict code of practice and always in collaboration with the veterinary profession”.