Tamsin Durston

Tam is a Registered Veterinary Nurse and has worked in small animal practice for 18 years. She attained an Foundation Degree in Animal Management Training and Behaviour Counselling from the University of Chester in 2010, and completed a BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training in 2012. She has held the post of Nurse Manager at the Blue Cross Animal Hospital, South London for the past 12 years and uses her behavioural qualification to both support Blue Cross hospital clients and improve and optimise the experience of animals within their care.
Tam also helps dog owners within her local community on a weekly voluntary basis, with a view to improving the human-animal bond and teaching life skills to help pet and owner live happy, healthy lives together. Tam was invited to take over the role of APBC Veterinary Nursing Rep in 2015 and hopes to further support the development of behavioural understanding and it’s practical application within the Veterinary Nurse profession.”

Vet Nursing Representative