APBC Conference Features Cancer Detecting Dogs

Date Released: 

The 2004 APBC Conference ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ will feature a fascinating presentation by Claire Guest, Operations Director of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, about her recent work training dogs to detect bladder cancer.

This ground-breaking research, undertaken by a unique partnership of medical scientists, has just been published in the British Medical Journal and describes how the dogs’ exceptional sense of smell has been utilised on urine samples to confirm the theory that cancer produces chemicals with distinctive odours.

Claire, who is also a past Chairman of the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors) said ‘We were flattered to be asked to assist in this study on the basis of our reputation in the field of training dogs. I am looking forward to sharing our experiences of this project with delegates at the forthcoming APBC Conference’

The APBC was set up in 1989 to offer the highest professional standards of pet behaviour advice and many of its members are international authorities in this growing discipline. All members work strictly on veterinary referral to ensure that there are no medical causes for the behaviour, as well as to give the pet owners confidence that they are being referred to a professional. Many pet insurance companies will also cover behavioural consultation costs with an APBC member.

The APBC Conference is being held on Saturday 13 th November at Stonleigh Park, near Coventry. Anyone wishing to attend should contact either the APBC on 01386 751151 or Interface Event Management on 01386 750534.