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Robert Phipps, known to many as the resident body language expert on ITV’s Trisha show, is to be the key speaker at a seminar on Communication, being held by the APBC(Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors)in Spring 2006 (Date to be announced).

Back by popular demand after his presentation at the APBC’s autumn conference last year, Robert Phipps will be focusing on Humans: unconscious signals of our own species. The whole morning will be devoted to learning how to read signals that humans unknowingly give out and will prove invaluable to anyone involved in counselling or inter-human communication.

The afternoon will comprise of two sessions. The first, presented by Laura Borromeo, a specialist in feline rehabilitation from the Italian National Society for the Protection of Animals, is Felines: using body language to aid rehabilitation. This fascinating seminar will conclude with Canines: looking for the subtleties of their communication, presented by Gwen Bailey, Director of Puppy School and former Head of Behavioural Services at the Blue Cross.

The seminar fee of just £45 includes refreshments and a packed lunch. For full details of the event and booking form or for further information on the APBC visit or contact the APBC office: PO Box 46, Worcester, WR8 9YS Tel: 01386 751151, Fax: 01386 750743, e-mail: info [at] apbc [dot] org [dot] uk