Train that Cat!

Trained cat

Why is it that nobody thinks to train their cat?

We all agree that dogs should come when they are called and we train them by rewarding them with something nice to eat when they do. Why not cats? It's particularly useful if you want your cat to come in when you close the cat flap at night to keep him safe. It’s also handy if he has hidden away somewhere in the house (and when cats hide, they usually hide very successfully).

Campaign to ban Cesar Millan’s The Dog Whisperer from Italian TV

Italy trying to ban Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer

Members of the APBC have provided information and resources to concerned pet behaviour counsellors in Italy following the broadcast of The Dog Whisperer featuring Cesar Millan on Italian TV.

The Italian pet behaviour counsellor Laura Borromeo contacted members of the APBC after just three episodes of the controversial show were aired. She is developing a campaign that aims to educate the public that there are alternatives to Cesar Millan’s methods.

Dogs and Wolves – Different Socks in the Trousers of Evolution

Wolf dog

Do you think dogs evolved from wolves? Do you think dogs behave like wolves?  Think again. In the trousers of evolution wolves took one leg and dogs took the other. Now, wolves are an itchy grey school sock whilst dogs are a variety of multi- coloured, patterned, ankle, knee-high, over-the-knee, woolly, sheer and even specialised socks with five individual little toes. Okay, they’re still in the same trousers, but you can’t make a matching pair of socks from dogs and wolves.

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