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Playing games with your dog is an important part of relationship building and also provides improved mental stimulation. Meeting your dogs ’mental stimulation requirements’ is just as important as meeting your dog’s exercise requirements. There are many dogs that can be ‘run’ for long periods and still seem full of energy when returning home - this usually indicates a degree of under-stimulation—your dog may be physically tired but not mentally tired.

Don't believe everything you read...

Over the last twenty years the pet dog has finally been recognised as a worthy subject for scientific scrutiny and thus has followed an explosion in studies relating to dog behaviour and the way in which dogs and their owners interact. In the name of scientific progress it can be assumed that our knowledge and understanding of the world as it relates to our dogs has therefore also increased dramatically.

Bradshaw defending dogs with sense and science

In defence of dogs John Bradshaw

'In Defence of Dogs'
John Bradshaw
Published by Allen Lane £20

John Bradshaw has written a thought provoking book, but why in “defence” of dogs? He must have agonised over a few titles* In Praise of Dogs? In Explanation of Dogs? For the Love of Dogs? For he does praise, explain and obviously love dogs throughout.

He makes it clear that dogs are in dire need of defending from the very humans they sought to befriend over ten thousand years ago; from the misguided, inconsiderate and ill-informed owners, trainers, “behaviourists”, breeders and legislators, however well intentioned.

Cats suffer in silence? APBC dedicates conference to cat behaviour

apbc feline conference Oct 2011

Cats are suffering in silence while their canine friends grab all the media spotlight, but why?

The Ethics of Shock-Collar Containment Fences for Dogs and Cats

Dog Containment Fence Collar Shock

Is it acceptable to use electric shocks to contain your pets?

Containment or invisible fences are currently being advertised in the UK and further afield, as an effective way of ensuring pets remain within a certain area e.g. a garden. Invisible fences are reputed to be more effective than conventional fencing for containing your pets, and give your pet freedom while keeping them safe too.

Sounds ideal! But let’s look at what invisible fences actually are.

New baby? Help your pets adjust.

dog baby asleep

The arrival of a new baby is a most joyous occasion, but may not be viewed as such by the four legged members of the family!

APBC assist Scottish councils with new law

apbc training day

APBC members have been called upon as leading advisors to help provide training for Scottish councils in preparation for new dog laws.

APBC help public further with launch of FREE online handouts

dog and cat iliyr

The APBC has now made it even easier to access helpful and FREE information for pet owners.

Please visit the Information section from the menu bar above and choose 'Behaviour handouts' to download a series of handouts from this qualified and highly respected source. Or simply click the link below!

APBC Free Behaviour Advice Downloads

Winter Games!

apbc snowy pawprint winter games with your dog

As the nights grow longer and colder it’s nice to stay wrapped up indoors in the warm with a nice cup of tea, but what about your dog?  They still need their exercise and plenty of mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy this winter. Here are some ideas to help you keep your dog happy, they are also useful for any dogs that are on cage rest or are reaching their golden years.  

Cats put their best paw forward according to their gender

cat paw apbc

Have you ever wondered if other animals are left or right “handed” like humans? Scientists at Queen’s University Belfast have published a paper in the journal, Animal Behaviour, posing just this question about domestic cats.

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