About the APBC

labrador dogThe treatment of behaviour problems in cats, dogs, horses and other companion animals is a highly specialised field that requires qualified professional help. The APBC represents a network of behaviour counsellors that have achieved the highest proven academic and practical standards available in the field of companion animal behavioural therapy. APBC members abide by a strict code of conduct and continually develop their professional knowledge in the light of new research so that clients and the veterinary surgeons who refer them can be assured they receive the latest expert advice at a reasonable cost. The APBC is also proud of its role as an education provider and continues to promote the practice of pet behaviour therapy to improve the welfare of all companion animals.



The Association works within a Constitution and its members agree to abide by a written Code of Practice. The aims of the APBC are as follows:
  1. To maintain and ensure the highest professional standards of the practice of companion animal behaviour therapy so that clients can be assured of effective, humane and appropriate advice at a reasonable cost.
  2. To establish and promote the practice of companion animal behaviour therapy as a recognised profession.
  3. To act as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information about companion animal behaviour and offer advice and information to all interested parties in order to foster a greater understanding of companion animal behaviour, consequently improving their welfare.
  4. To provide support for those currently studying companion animal behaviour.
  5. To be recognised as the official body that represents practising companion animal behaviour counsellors.